Paul Brooks

Paul Brooks President

Paul Brooks

Paul is the President and co-founder of Brooks Financial Group, Inc.  He entered the field in 1986 and has particular expertise in the areas of corporate and employer-sponsored benefit planning and long-term care insurance. Paul has published a number of industry related articles and white papers on such topics as health care reform, Human Resources, and more.

Paul is an active member of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Specialists (IFEBP), National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and serves on insurance carrier and TPA advisory committees.  Paul is also very involved in the community and has especially close ties with Calvert Hall College High School where he serves as President of the Alumni Association. One organization Paul is particularly proud to represent has close ties with Brooks Financial Group.  Paul is a member of the Board of Governors for Building for God Community Foundation ( which is focused on making positive and determined impact in our local community in the areas of sheltering the homeless, feeding and caring for families, fostering the educational needs of our youth, and supporting those who protect our community.

As a high school alumnus of Calvert Hall College High School, Paul has participated in several volunteer programs over the years which support the school and its students.  Aside from his duties as the Alumni Association President, Paul heads up the CHC Career Foundation Committee, which leverages a number of different tools and opportunities in order to provide students with real-life career opportunities and experiences.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys connecting with family - whether hitting a ball game, traveling or just hanging out.  He also enjoys playing basketball, walking, and fishing. 

Contact Paul: [email protected]  |  (410) 308-9800, ext. 1223

I experience pure satisfaction in every relationship I serve.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Strategic Compensation and Benefits Visioning – Brooks Financial Group (BFG) is regularly engaged and empowered by owners, shareholders and C-suite executives to explore total compensation and benefits programs and provide recommendations and solutions to meet, grow, and sustain the defined corporate objectives.   
  2. Self-Insuring Consultation -  Commonly referred to as partially self-insuring or Administrative Services Only (ASO) agreements.  ASO is specific to a few common employer sponsored benefits, including health care, dental, vision, and short-term disability.  This financing option, as compared to that of the traditional fully insured model, has grown rapidly over the last several years.  This growth can be largely attributed to the Federal Health Care Reform legislation, which imposed fees and taxes that can be eliminated in an ASO model. 
  3. Technology - BFG has scaled and leveraged their technology platform to provide clients of all sizes and in all locations with a user-friendly experience for their executive and administrative teams, as well as their employee populations.  This technology provides for 24/7 access to company sponsored benefits, real-time employee election and enrollment, singular enrollment for multi-plan or multi-carrier options, aggregate and singular invoicing, and more.

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